Local Broadcast TV a Super Signal in the Super Storm

During the beginning of this month, it became eminently clear to millions of Americans in the Northeast that at least one part of the future can’t come soon enough.

Hurricane Sandy was the latest example of how isolating a blackout can be – not just a power blackout, but an information one as well. As power was cut to so many people, with it went the ability to get news that they needed about their situation from their most trusted source – their local broadcast television stations. Without television, people were forced to look to alternate news resources as a backup plan. However, many found that their most immediate and ever-present media connections, smartphones and tablets, had failed them as well. The FCC estimated that 25% of cell phone towers within the 10 impacted states had been compromised during the hurricane, leaving signal strength and availability unreliable for those who needed it most.

The ultimate answer lies right at our technological fingertips. It’s called Mobile Digital Television…[Read More]

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