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The Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance represents broadcasters of every size and sphere, from the smallest LPTV and translator, to a network which provides full-power stations throughout the U.S. Along with broadcasters, we represent industry manufacturers, dealers and service companies.

The Alliance has as our goal to protect the future of all over-the-air television broadcasting in this country and to present real answers for the future by using television as the communication resource this country trusts and continues to need.

By now you are aware that there are others, both in the wireless communication field and the federal government, who think the airwaves would be better served by placing them in the hands of a relative few, but powerful, entities.  The spectrum auction has taken another chunk of the nation’s airwaves and selling them to those who will have a much different interest in serving the very communities your stations and translators serve. And it is not over! There is already talk of the next spectrum auction.

There’s something very wrong with that system!

That’s why the ATBA was formed and that’s why we continue to exist.  We, like people in the places you serve, realize the true value of broadcasting in the daily lives of people.

People like a man in Oklahoma who shared, after the violent tornado season they experienced last spring, that it was a translator relaying a full-power station to his small community, that saved his life.  He knew he wasn’t watching the full-power on the channel number he saw displayed on their station, but he knew he was able to see the station and that hearing the weather alert concerning his area had saved his life.

People like the Camp Fire regional director who shared that it was a small LPTV station in her area that she could always count on to play her PSAs and to give her air-time to share about the wonderful work her organization does.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast  and the others will never be able to replace what broadcasters do in their own communities.

While it may seem at this time that those in positions to make decisions about our future do not value our service – the board and members of the ATBA do and we recognize and continue to work to insure a future for over-the-air broadcasting.

Yes, there are others who are engaged in this effort.  Make no mistake the ATBA is the single organization that has combined the strongest resources relating to LPTV, Translators, Full-Power and Next Generation concepts.  We are the only organization of our kind that is also an Associate Member of the NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters.  We are the only organization of our kind that is made up of an elected board of officers who represent our members.

This effort is too big to be left in the hands of one or two individuals.

When you join the ATBA you’re joining some of the most respected broadcast industry companies in the country – equipment manufacturers, network owners, the National Translator Association, real world LPTV and Class A operators and others who believe in the very bright future broadcasting can have in this country.

We need you.  Not just as a dues paying member but as another voice in this effort – a voice that will be heard by your viewers in your communities alerting them to the very real danger of the current auction proposal and what could be its devastating effect on communication in this country.

Our membership structure is set up to be affordable by any broadcaster in the country.  By uniting together we will have a strong, clear voice that will be represented by people who hold the respect of both those in government and in real world broadcasting.   Please don’t sit on the fence hoping for someone else to become involved in what we all know is a cause of such great importance – to our broadcasting facilities and to this country.

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